Online psychological assistance to Brazilian and Residents Abroad

The HOMEPSY brings closer to you, Brazillian, whether you are in any part of national territory or residing abroad, who is seeking for psychological support, to our thousand-kilometer-away virtual space.

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Our goal is to aid the patient accompanying him on his personal quest. We seek to facilitate the process of self perception which goes through both the rational and the corporal .


When it comes to anxiety treatment it is common to think about the most popular antidote, which is relaxation. However, relaxation serves only as a complement in more severe cases of anxiety .

Social phobias

Psychological analysis tends to show that the person with social phobia tend to put too much importance on the opinion of others. It is as if the person were off-center, as the center of his mind was on the look of the other.

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How to hire our services

Information and Payment Register

Select the desired service, fill out the form with your personal data and required information; after confirmation, fill out the payment form.


Upon confirmation of your personal data and payment, the psychologist will send you an email with the days and times available for scheduling.

Online Appointment

On the date of the session you will receive a link by email, by clicking it you will be automatically directed to the service session.

Benefits of Online Orientation

It can be performed anywhere with schedules that best fit one's need. Whatever your reasons or your lifestyle , online orientation can be very positive for you. In some cases, it may need the personal assistance.


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Covenants and Partnerships

The HOMEPSY, through agreements and partnerships along with public and private institutions, can provide special psychological care for its contributors .

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